When it comes to really Rockin' the Blues – let Crosscut Groove light your fuse!

Monty, Guy, Tito and Rocky – better known as Crosscut Groove – will make you remember why you turned on the radio and cranked it up back when you could hear your favorites all day every day. Whatever happened to that? What we heard over those airwaves is the reason we picked up our instruments in the first place. We wanted to be a part of that magic. We've kept it going ever since and it just keeps getting better!

Great music is timeless. Ours is born out of the Blues and fired up with Rock & Roll and Soul!

With a combined musical experience of over 100 years, and finally coming together from all over the USA, we've seen, heard and played a wide variety of music. Now, we're determined to continue our journey down the Blues / Rock & Roll Highway honoring those who lit the flame for us and keep us moving on!

cg player monty


Monty Naffke
Guitar, Vocals

Monty has relentlessly sought out others who share his passion for the powerful, blues based, guitar-centric, British and American Blues/Rock music that has been the soundtrack of his life since early on - Allman Brothers, Clapton, BB King, Santana, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray and Pink Floyd to name just a few. 

Monty Naffke has been living and loving life here in the mountains of Western North Carolina since moving here from Florida in 2009 with his wife Melanie and their 2 children, Monty and Molly.

cg player tito


John “Tito” Torrent
Bass Guitar, Vocals

Tito Torrent has been playing music for over 50 years. In 2016 he and his wife Judy relocated to North Carolina from the Miami-Ft Lauderdale area. For the 15 years prior to moving here, Tito played bass with The Dewey Street Band in South Florida.